In 2009, Studio27 has launched a new series of Carbon fiber decals which are of a completely different concept to all other sheet available in the market. I have been looking for any test on it of any kind in the Internet.
But for some many months, seems I can hardly find any test report for it. And that's why I am working on it now and hope to share to people, like me, who are interested.

This piece of 1300 Yen-worth decal is packaged in a slightly bigger package than other decals from Studio27. And it is easily differentiated from the rest of the CF decals from the same brand. A cover paper is on top of the decal and there is a triangle leak showing how the decal looks like.
And this series of carbon decals comes in 3 choices of size, namely S, M and L like the previous series. I am having the size of M for this test.

Here is a close-up of what the decals actually looks like. You can easily see that the pattern changes with light reflections. And that is what make this piece of decal so special. Instead of a static pattern that do not change with light reflection, this new decal does!
In the small caption of the image of a close-up, you can see how this change-with-reflection is achieved.
There are 4 reflecting lines forming a square and are patterned so from a slightly different angle, the pattern changes as a whole. What a amazing idea Studio27!

So, what do we wait? Hang on. There is a little note at the front of the package... and that is what make people hesitate.... and I am going to figure it out what will a clearing coating is going to do on the decal that make Studio27 warning customer not to do so.

People getting this sheet of decal may probably be very happy about the pattern on it. But hey! Please also note that this is not a Cartograf piece of work!
And that is why..... I have spent 2 hours working with the decal on this little piece of cowling! I would have done it in not more than 20 mins if I were to use the Cartograf carbon!
So, my friends, please be prepared when applying this decal. It does not stick very well on the surface and it doesn't bend very well even I used decal softener and setter a lot on it!
And after the 2 hours of work, it is done and I have taken this photo immediately. What a brilliant effect! If the decal can be applied in one piece, i.e., without the layerings, this can look like a real carbon fiber piece!

So, do we really prevent clear coating on it? As it is so obvious that any decal work would best be clear-coated as some sort of protection. And that's why I have tried this out too. I have first applied metal primer on it so thinner effect is kept as minimal.
After the first 2 mist later, the decal melt down a little and is certainly not as glossy that before. But the pattern stands.

I have applied another layer of metal primer over it. What I have observed is that the reflecting lines that I have described above, have reflected less light than before. And that tuned down overall reflection from the decal.
And other words, the contrast of the vertical and horizontal pattern are reduced. Although the changing pattern does not go away with coating, the degree of the contrast is reduced.

To conclude, this sheet of new carbon decal is a definitely huge idea. Thanks to Studio27 for this brillitant mind and fulfill what most modelers are trying to achieve.
Though, there are still certain pros and cons over this new decal. So dear friends, it is still up to yourself to decide.